Our confidential documents.

Summary: In our aim for total transparency, we are sharing our confidential documents with you so that you can see analyses carried out on our product by independent laboratories. We are the only company in the industry making this information available.


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And to prove it we are sharing several documents that most companies keep as confidential: Laboratory analyses. We claim to offer the purest and most concentrated colloidal silver. You can now see the results of various analyses by different independent laboratories which prove our claims. And, as we like to be forerunners, we are also sharing the documents and analyses we used to create our Product Information sheet. All cosmetic products manufactured and sold in the European Union must follow this same process.


1. Analysis results of our ultra-pure water
2. Analysis results of the concentration of our colloidal solution
3. Analysis results of our products ionic and colloidal share
4. Other analysis reports:
- Challenge Test
- Stability test and PaO calculation (Period after Opening)
- Patch test (dermatological test)
- Eye irritation test


1. Analysis results of our ultra-pure water

View the results from the two laboratories who analysed the water produced by our ultra-pure water generator; the results are excellent:

- Total absence of bacteria
- Total organic carbon less than 1 mg(C)/L
- Total flora at 0 after 48 and 68 hours
- Very low conductivity (absence of minerals)


2. Analysis results of the concentration of our solution

The concentration of silver is of the utmost importance, is there really 40 mg/L of silver in our solution? Here are 3 analysis reports carried out by 3 different laboratories.

We went to this many laboratories to ensure you receive the 40 PPM we have worked so hard for:

- Analysis 1 carried out by SCP (Société du Canal de Provence): Result obtained 37.6 PPM with an uncertainty of 10%
- Analysis 2 carried out by Boréal Diagnostic: Result obtained 39.9 PPM with an uncertainty of 10%
- Analysis 3 carried out by Aposan: Result obtained 43 PPM with an uncertainty of 10%
- Analysis 4 carried out by AQUATYCIA: Results obtained varied between 42 and 43 PPM over the 2 analyses with an uncertainty of 10%


3. Analysis results of our product’s ionic and colloidal share

On the report, you can see that for an equivalent of 41,000 units of silver total, 39,360 nits are ionic, the remainder (1,640) is colloidal. A quick division (39,360/41,000) shows that the ionic solution is 96%:


4. Other analysis reports:

All cosmetics sold on the French market must be accompanied by a Product Information Sheet. This should be made up of several elements which Guarantee the product is both harmless and effective. The Katharos Institute has selected Expertox to carry out the tests and produce this sheet.

- Challenge Test
Laboratory conclusion:
“The results of the challenge tests are in line with criteria A according to the ISO standard 11930.“

- TBC: Total Bacteria Count
Laboratory conclusion:
“The results of the count show the microbiological purity of the product.”

- Stability test and PaO calculation
Laboratory conclusion:
No significant changes to appearance, colour or odour were observed for the product at -20, 4, 20 and 40°C over a period of 3 months.”

- Patch test: carried out on 11 volunteers
Laboratory conclusion:

- Eye irritation test: direct application to the monolayer of rabbit corneal fibroblasts
Laboratory conclusion:
“Negligible cytotoxicity”

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